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Ringing of the bell Hoholik/Husband Victory Bell

The bell which hangs outside the gym entrance to the Norris Center. After each Laker win, the team doffs its skates, pulls on ski caps, and charges down the halls of the building to sound the victory bell. The custom was started soon after the bell was hung in early 1980's. Prior to the 1992-92 season, the bell, which sustained extensive damage from the 1992 NCAA Championship celebration, was replaced with one from a West Troy, New York church. Click Here to see this excting tradition in action! 





The first Saturday of February each year Sault Ste. Marie awakes from its snowy hibernation to the sound of the growling engines of 38 snowmobiles. It’s I-500 weekend. This weekend brings in thousands of people to the Sault Ste. Marie arena to watch the sleds race around the 1mile icy track for 500 miles. It is known as the premier winter sporting event by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

Click Here to get an inside look at this historic event.




Hockey Ships Horn
Ship's Horn

The nemesis of all opposing goaltenders at the Taffy Abel Arena. The authentic ship's horn is mounted high on the wall behind the goal the visitors defend for two periods. It blasts for each Laker goal and following all home games. The horn operates on compressed air.





Burning of the snowman
The Snowman Burning

What traditionally burns every March at LSSU. The Snowman Burning, first implemented by legendary LSSU Public Relations Director W.T. Rabe, is derived from a German tradition in which the mayor of the town burns a snowman every March to declare an end to winter. LSSU did not hold its annual Snowman Burning in 1992, and the following summer was one of the coldest in recent memory. In 1993, the Snowman Burning resumed, leading to one of the warmest summers in recent memory. Go figure!